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City of Marion, Alabama

Photo Gallery

2013-2014 Clerk-Treasurer's Training/Conference/Program Attendance 2013-2014 Clerk-Treasurer's Training/Conference/Program Attendance Clerk-Treasurer & Aubie @ AMROA Winter Conference 191240287 Clerk-Treasurer & Atmore, AL Revenue Officer 191240289 City Clerks Partnering with Aubie 191240290 Clerk Power!! Sharing Ideas!! 191240291 City Clerk-Treasurer in Washington, D.C. at 2014 ASPA Conference 191240293 City Clerk-Treasurer & (Alabama State University) ASU President...Founder's Day Kickoff Celebration in Marion, AL 36756. 191240294 Circuit Judge, President of ASU, City Clerk-Treasurer 191240295 Training in D.C. "The Broken Budget Process" 191240296 Set-up @ ASPA Training in D.C. "Building Your Network" 191240297 October 2013 AABCO Conference 191269826